The GekFix – a new, cost effective and simple-to-use solution designed for holding grinding papers, is revolutionising the metallurgical industry. The ‘GekFix’ – so called because of its durability and strength, has the ability to fix plain-backed grinding papers, known in the industry as ‘grit papers’, securely to both automatic and manual polishing machines, removing the need for adhesive-backed products and paper holding clip technology. Early customer demonstrations and long-term trials have shown the system to be a high-performance solution for fixing of grinding papers, and eliminating the problems associated with strong adhesive and worn paper holding bands. The GekFix has been developed with an advanced polymer technology, which makes it an extremely durable product. This revolutionary system has a very long-life span, and can even be replenished by light washing. We think the GekFix is the perfect solution for holding grinding papers. Available with an optional steel backing to integrate with the magnetic system, is ideal for holding papers firmly in place. And, since it is available for all current machines, it is fast becoming one of our most popular products. A small metallurgical lab may typically use one pack of each grade of adhesive grinding papers a month, and may therefore spend in the region of £4,000 - £5,000 a year on grinding papers alone. Because GekFix works as a nonadhesive system, users could potentially save up to £3,000 per year.

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