The blades in this range have continuous, diamond-tipped rims. They are used to cut materials, which cannot be cut with an alumina or silicon carbide cutting wheel,s such as carbides, ceramics, PCBs, composites and glass.  Metal Bonded Diamond Wheels for use on non ferrous metals, medium hard ceramics, spray coatings, MM composites & PC boards. Please let us know if you have any special requirements or would like a suitable replacement to the cutting wheel you are already using.

Precision sectioning is used when material loss referred to as kerf and cutting damage need to be minimised.  The cutting method using diamond cutting wheels and CBN wheels produces high quality cut surfaces and allow for accurate positioning of the sample to be sectioned and cuts with minimal structural deformation.  Most cutting machines are equipped with a micrometer for accurate sample sectioning offering the facility to multi slice samples in micron measurements.

Experience does show that cutting with extreme care produces samples which less sample preparation to produce exact microstructures for microscopy.  

The most used precision wafering cutting wheel is the metal bonded diamond, with diamond held in a sintered composite.  When the wheel is used a dressing stick is adapted to reveal more diamond cutting tools and maintain cut quality.  CBN cubic boron nitride cutting wheel are beneficial for the sectioning of medium to hard metals such as steel and iron. CBN wheel perform much better than diamond wheels on ferrous materials due to the reaction of carbon and diamond during the cutting process when using diamond wheels.

Ductile materials such as polymers and some metals are best using high concentration cutting wheels.  Brittle materials such as ceramics are best sectioned using low concentration diamond cutting wheels.  

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