At Spectrographic, we can provide a full software package - camera, software and reporting for your hardness testing machine. This will enable you to measure the indent and report on the hardness value.

It will ensure you are fully up to standards and customers are confident in your readings.

We can also offer full installation and training on site, aftermarket support and team viewer advice.

iWorks Vickers Hardness Tester Software iHL
iWorks Vickers Hardness Tester Software iHL
iWorks Vickers Hardness Tester Software iHL
Hardness tester computer measurement system load settins.
Hardness tester software compatible with Mitutoyo, Matsuzawa and Future tech hardness tester systems.
Hardness tester software with results options and hardness conversions.

iWorks Vickers Hardness Tester Software iHL

Hardness measurement software for digital camera for interfacing to most hardness testers. This system is designed for case hardness depth judgement and  reporting of hardness testing giving repeatable measurement of hardness impression. Traditional ocular measurement is difficult to control and can lead to variable. For computer measurement the indentation is enlarged through a high resolution lens and the size of the indentation can be mouse measured for accurate Vickers hardness results. System is supplied with software support, high resolution camera and standard camera adaptor. Three levels are available offering manual measurement or automatic measurement with options for computer control of the hardness tester to control load, time, objective lens and measurement.

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