Led Conversion to Mitutoyo AVK C2 Hardness Tester

Our engineering team have successfully completed an LED conversion to a Mitutoyo AVK C2 hardness tester. This provides you with a more in depth clarity of sample image!

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What we did…….
The unit has our standard led power supply but the variable resistor which is usually contained in the power supply is external to the power supply unit and is placed on the side control panel, in place of the original which is removed and discarded It is changed to a 500 Ohm variable resistor which needs the shaft shortening to match the other knob depths. The power unit is then connected to the transformer output and existing wiring to the lamp housing.

The power supply is powered by a 4 volt transformer which is connected to the testers mains wiring for input and the output is connected to the power supply unit. This unit has an internal 1 amp fuse.

The transformer is mounted internally to the tester with the led power supply secured to the top. It is located to the rear of the tester’s transformer and secured by drilling two holes in the tester’s metal plate base in this area and secured with nuts and bolts. Ensuring that the location does not foul any other part of the tester or the wiring therein.

The existing wiring is utilised to the lamp housing where the original lamp holder is removed, the wiring is soldered to the heatsink to which the led is soldered and the location collar is used to mount the led heatsink.

The led is a standard 1 W led bright white. The unit is then reassembled and tested.

The completed unit was soak tested for 2 weeks being on for 24 hours per day with no degradation to light output observed.