Mobile NDT testing

The Novotest Lab application is designed to expand the functionality of NOVOTEST devices. Using a Bluetooth connection, your smartphone is able to control all the functionality of the device. In addition, Novotest Lab allows you not only to configure and calibrate the device, view the measurement results, but also create a complete report on the measurements, having access to the Internet, send the saved protocol by mail or messenger, touch screen, camera, microphone, GPS receiver and many other functions of your smartphone will be used with the device.

Detailed information in the measurement mode

The display of measurement results can be presented like graph, as well as the histogram and statistics. The statistics mode is an automatic calculation of the maximum, minimum, average values of the series and the number of measurements.

In the measurement mode, user can select the units, material or scale of the displayed value.

In order to do not constantly monitor the display during operation, the application has a function of voice recording of measurement results with many voice settings.

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