Olympus DSX 1000 Microscope

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Olympus DSX1000 Digital Microscope all in one
Olympus DSX1000 Digital Microscope all in one

Olympus DSX1000 Digital Microscope all in one

Large selection of lenses that are easy to change
Switch between 6 different observation methods by pushing a button
Fast macro to micro viewing
Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system

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The DSX1000 digital microscope is used to observe and measure a variety of samples, including electronic components and metal materials. The microscope requires little training to use; simply place your sample and easily perform a series of operations from 3D observation to measurement and reporting. The DSX1000 microscope meets a wide range of observational and analytical needs in a single unit while improving the inspection workflow. An expanded lineup of 15 lenses covers a 20-7,000X magnification range. Users can also take advantage of the microscope’s six observation methods to observe and measure a variety of objects. For example, techniques are available to highlight irregularities on a sample surface or emphasize contours. The main unit and stage can each be freely adjusted ± 90° to accommodate samples with many shapes and to view the samples from all angles. In addition, newly developed algorithms can be used to acquire 3D images approximately ten times faster than conventional digital microscopes. Lastly, we support efficient and accurate observations and analyses by calibrating microscopes for each user’s operating environment to help ensure accurate measurements.

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