Special Offer - MetCut 300!

Special offer on this fantastic machine – The Metcut 300 – Special price for this month!
 At Spectrographic we can find a solution for all your cutting requirements. So whatever your dimension or cutting applications are, we are here to help you!
The cut off machine plays a very important part in the micro structural analysis and looking after them ensures smooth running – it can mean the difference between efficient application and wasted time.

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Tips for getting the best out of your cutting machine:
  • Sectioning should always be wet with ample flow of coolant that includes anti rust and lubrication.
  • You must use the correct wheel size, type and bond. This will achieve the best cutting action and avoid wheel breakages.
  • Wash the cutter frequently to avoid particulate re circulation.
  • Keep the hood open when not in use to avoid humidity in the machine.