Upgrade your Hardness Tester

Welcome to the world of Buehler Micromet Hardness Tester! Our cutting-edge equipment combines precision, efficiency, and advanced technology to provide accurate Vickers hardness measurements.

Buehler Micromet 4 digital micro hardness tester with the integration of a digital microscope camera and the flexibility of various hardness measurement software options such as iWorks HL and Future-Tech Argo, our hardness tester offers unparalleled capabilities for your material analysis needs.

1. Buehler Micromet Hardness Tester:

The Buehler Micromet Hardness Tester is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for Vickers hardness measurement. It utilizes the Vickers hardness testing method, which involves applying a controlled load using a diamond indenter and measuring the resulting indentation size. This allows for precise determination of a material's hardness, making it ideal for quality control, research, and material characterization applications.

2. Digital Microscope Camera:

Our Micromet Hardness Tester is equipped with a high-resolution digital microscope camera, enabling detailed visual inspection of the indentation. The camera captures images of the indentation, which can be further analysed and measured using dedicated software. This integration eliminates the need for manual observation and enhances the accuracy and speed of hardness measurements.

3. iWorks HL Software:

The iWorks HL software is a comprehensive solution developed for hardness testing and analysis. It offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire hardness measurement process, from test setup to data interpretation. The software allows for easy control of the Micromet Hardness Tester, precise measurement of indentations, data storage, and generation of comprehensive reports. iWorks HL also provides advanced features such as image stitching for large sample analysis, batch testing capabilities, and customizable test methods available with additional hardware.

4. Future-Tech Argo Software:

For those seeking advanced analysis capabilities and compatibility with third-party systems, the Future-Tech Argo software is an excellent choice. Argo software integrates seamlessly with the Micromet Hardness Tester and offers a wide range of analytical features. It enables the automatic measurement of multiple indentations, statistical analysis of results, trend analysis, and the ability to export data in various formats. Argo also supports connectivity with other laboratory systems, allowing for efficient data exchange and integration into existing workflows.

5. Unleash the Full Potential:

By combining the Buehler Micromet Hardness Tester with the digital microscope camera and either iWorks HL or Future-Tech Argo software, you unlock the full potential of hardness testing. Experience enhanced precision, reduced operator errors, faster testing cycles, and comprehensive data analysis capabilities.

Invest in the Buehler Micromet Hardness Tester today and discover a world of possibilities in material hardness measurement. Whether you're in research and development, manufacturing, or quality control, our innovative equipment and software options are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Contact us now to learn more and take a step towards efficient and accurate hardness testing.


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