Weld check software made easier


To ensure the satisfactory performance of a welded structure, the quality of the weld must be determined by adequate testing procedures. Weldcheck allows you to quickly measure your welding cross sections for fillet areas, throat, leg lengths and penetration. Percentage penetration is calculated automatically. The results are compared to the specifications and reported respectively.

  • Precise measurement systems, offering is needed and expected by QC-FA welding professionals; ensuring quick and reliable measurement with 100% accuracy and reproducibility.
  • The results are presented in the report generator module with the original image, lines in different colours and the results in tabular form.
  • The results can be reported based on a specific standard using the “Report tool” module. This also allows to obtain a passed/failed automatic decision based on predefined acceptance criterion.
  • The measurement remains unaffected even if the image is zoomed for better accuracy. The magnifier tool is also available which can be switched on any part of the image.
  • Important measurement includes distance from the root of the fillet (throat), the distance from the root of the joint to junction between exposed surface of the weld (leg), the angle, root penetration and penetration percentage.
  • For similar type of measurement other tools are available to calculate angles, circle or arc radius, area etc.
  • Different line from throat leg, penetration, thickness and angles acquire different colours automatically.