Why Servicing Matters! Don't neglect, Protect!

Why servicing your metallurgical machine matters!
Your machine is due a service and you are probably thinking why should I get it done, as it is an extra cost?
By making sure your machine is regularly serviced, you are helping your business in many ways. Here are a few reasons why regularly maintaining metallurgical equipment will benefit your business.
  1. Saves You Money Long-Term
Regular equipment maintenance isn’t free.  It often seems like you’re paying someone to tell you there is nothing wrong. You’re actually paying so that the machine is fully checked to see if anything needs to be replaced before it breaks. Preventative action means less breakdowns and emergency service call outs. By the end of the year, you’ll find that you spent less on your equipment than you had in previous years.
  1. Safety
Safety of your equipment is improved. By implementing regular machine maintenance, you improve the safety for the operative. You will have assurances that everything on the machine will work the way it’s supposed to. You don’t have to worry about it breaking and injuring someone. Preventative equipment maintenance along with proper training will help prevent injuries and increase safety on a job.
  1. Emergencies and Break Downs
Having a machine out of use for a few hours for an annual service can be a pain. Having a broken machine out for several days to weeks is a bigger issue for you and your company.  A routine service can be scheduled at a time that suits you. By keeping up with regular maintenance you won’t have out-of-service equipment for numerous days, just a short period of time for maintenance.
  1. Efficiency
Keeping up with machine servicing also increases machine efficiency. Preventative maintenance checks for wear and damage, it helps to keep all the parts working efficiently. The Engineer will check alignments and other issues in order for users to get the most out of their machines. This leads to greater efficiency on the job site because equipment runs properly. Safety is also improved because it’s functioning the way it’s supposed to, and no one will feel the urge to fiddle with it to make it work better.
  1. Records, Accreditation, and Insurance
Regularly maintained equipment is often a condition for certain trade organisations and other accreditations bestowed upon a business. In order to keep accreditations, it’s important to keep all lab equipment maintenance up-to-date. This helps with insurance too. Some insurance companies and policies won’t pay out if machine service isn’t up to date.
Machine down time is a drain on project budgets, time and safety. It is important to adhere to your service maintenance schedule regardless of whether the equipment seems to be running fine today.
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