SM is an electric controlled continuous zoom and autofocus all-in-one digital microscope with a large field of view. It is integrated with HDMI camera, Electric Controlled Continuous Zoom Auto-focus Objective and LED Integrated Illumintaion Light.  Different products in the SM series can be formed with different part to satisfy the applicatuon requirement. SM can be assembled with various brackets or arms and offer a continuous zooming ratio with different lens. Also supports autofocus mode and manual focus mode. It comes with a high-performance SONY CMOS sensor. It also has an embedded ARM core, allowing the camera to be connected directly to the HDMI monitor. The camera has XFCAMView software built within it, including Camera Control Panel, Auto Focus Control Panel, Measurement Toolbar, and Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar. Users can directly control the camera and perform various operations through a USB mouse. The images and videos captured by this can be saved on an SD card for on-site analysis and follow-up research. SM can be widely used in industrial inspection, medical observation, teaching and scientific research, automation system, and other fields. SM-4K8MPB supports HDMI/USB/LAN/WiFi control and video output (ImageView). The frame rate of the output is 4K/30FPS, and the zoom range is 1X~18X. It also supports electric zoom and auto focusing.


Ultimate control and simplicity


1. 5 groups 16 elements lens with 0.0218~0.392X, 18X zoom ratio, supports auto and manual focus;
2. 250mm standard working distance with 205~255mm depth of field;
3. At standard working distance, the large field of view 255mm*145mm at low magnification, helping users to quickly locate the target object, the small field of view 14.2mm*8mm at higher magnification, helping users to observe microscopically;
4. Sony 1/2.8” 4K Starvis CMOS with high signal-to-noise ratio;
5. 4K HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi multiple video outputs;
6. 4K/1080P auto switching according to monitor resolution;
7. SD card/USB flash drive for captured image and video storage, support local preview and playback;
8. Built-in mouse control software XFCAMView, all functions can be realized with USB mouse;
9. Embedded mouse Camera Control Panel, Measurement Toolbar, Synthesis Control Toolbar, AF Control Panel;
10. Multi-language support;
11. Head suction LED ring light, the brightness can be directly controlled by XFCAMView;
12. With the adapter bracket of 76mm diameter, a electric controlled continuous zoom BMM can be built.

Video showing main fuctions of the software

Built in XFCAM software and ITS

Including Exposure, Gain, White Balance, Sharpness, Denoise, Denoise, Saturation, Gamma, Contrast, Brightness, Power Frequency control,, alibration, Measurement, and measurement parameter Export functions

Quick and easy to use

Widely used in industrial inspection, medical observation, teaching and scientific research, automation system, and other fields.

SM-4K8MPB Spectrographic.jpg__PID:2a7fd7a2-4bb0-48a6-a0be-24a0e351872b
SM-4K8MPB Spectro  VXCVXCVgraphic.jpg__PID:af2a7fd7-a24b-40b8-a6e0-be24a0e35187
SM-4K8MPB SXCVFSDFSD.jpg__PID:24a0e351-872b-4091-812b-47f2c94e70e3
SM-4K8MPB SpectrXSDXSD.jpg__PID:03a019e0-9359-4a9a-aa06-44b6cf59e570

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