ATM Opal 450 Mounting Press

Fully refurbished Mounting press for metallurgical samples.  The mould size is 31.7mm this is an imperial  1 inch and 1/4 size and works with many polishing machines.  A powerful and robust built hydraulic mounting press with automatic cycle parameters control. Other mould sizes can be interchanged at extra cost.


  • • Automatic hot mounting press
    • Fully hydraulic, water cooled
    • Bayonet closure
    • German manufactuered
    • Mould assembly easy to change
    • Solid aluminium case construction, powder coated
    • Mould assembly 32mm
    • Thermostate range 20-200°C
    • Heating time variable 0-30 min
    • Cooling time variable 0-30 min
    • Connection power 3.1 kVA
    • Heating power 4x 500 W
    • W x H x D 350 x 400 x 450 mm Weight 40 k

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