ATM Saphir 350 E Polishing Machine - Semi Automatic

The Saphir 320 (single wheel)  semi automatic preparation grinder/polishers built for heavy usage and high-speed preparation. Available in 250 mm (10″) wheel variable speed formats, the Saphir 320 series can be tailored for any application. A solid, welded aluminium plate housing provides stability and corrosion resistance with a powder coated surface. All electrical components, spindles and moving parts are modular for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Saphir 320 is an excellent choice for coarse grinding.

    • Refurbished ATM Saphir 350 E
    • Serial number- 10448
    • Platen Size: 300mm
    • Platen Speed/Rotation (RPM): 600
    • Power head Speed/Rotation (RPM):
    • Sample pressure range (N): 6 bar
    • Sample holder Size: 40mm
    • Timer/Display: digital
    • Water function/max pressure: 6 bar
    • Water connection size: 6mm
    • Drain connection size: 32mm
    • Air connection size: 6mm
    • Max Air pressure: 6 bar
    • Power: 3 phase
    • Dimensions: 35x56x50


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