Auto Focus HDMI Camera


A multiple interface (HDMI+WiFi+SD card) CMOS camera with autofocus function (AF means autofocus) and it adopts ultra high performance Sony CMOS sensor as the image picking device. HDMI+WiFi are used as the data transfer interface to HDMI display or computer.  For HDMI output, The XCamView will be loaded and a camera control panel and toolbar are overlaid on the HDMI screen, in this case, the USB mouse can be used to set the camera, browse and compare the captured image, play the video.

    • Control the auto focus camera using the app for mobile devices or software for PCs/laptops (see specs for version compatibility)
    • Up to 10 users can connect their devices to the same WLAN-enabled camera  
    • Access the all the images in the classroom or laboratory
    • Capture, process, store, and share the camera's images through the easy-to-use software interface
    • Simultaneous live image output via WLAN and HDMI

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