4K UHD WiFi HDMI Digital Camera BWHC


A multiple interface (HDMI+WiFi+SD card) CMOS camera with autofocus functions and it adopts ultra high performance Sony CMOS sensor as the image picking device. HDMI+WiFi are used as the data transfer interface to HDMI display or computer.  For HDMI output, The XCamView will be loaded and a camera control panel and toolbar are overlaid on the HDMI screen, in this case, the USB mouse can be used to set the camera, browse and compare the captured image, play the video.

  • Camera Review - Compared to 5G WiFi Camera System


    This Auto Focus HDMI camera is packed full of features but it may nit be the best solution for your application, lets look at a comparison to the CA800 5G WiFi camera with improved image resolution and frame rate, offering advantages for some applications.


    WIFI camera,  It uses an external WIFI module, something similar to a signal transceiver. This design does not actually support the real microscope classroom interactive system, because this module only provides AP functions, not router functions. In other words, the AP can only be a WLAN hotspot, and there is no way to both output and receive. The best situation is that two or three users can see real-time images at the same time. Secondly, it uses 2.4G WiFi instead of 5G WiFi. 2.4G WiFi means that the transmission rate is limited, which is why it it is originally a 5MP sensor, but it outputs WIFI signals with a resolution of 1920X1080. And our camera, even a 12MP WIFI camera, can guarantee a full resolution of 25FPS.


    Second, imaging quality. In fact, different cameras with the same sensor have different image quality, largely because of the different white balance algorithms of various manufacturers. The main target markets of different manufacturers are also important influencing factors. If camera is used in medical or biological applications, there is still much room for improvement in its colour reproduction.  


    Third, HDMI.  HDMI camera, it just adds an external USB-WLAN Dongle, so it is abruptly promoted as a WIFI camera. And HDMI is where this camera is really useful. But using a 5MP sensor for 1080P output, from the camera manufacturer's point of view, we think this approach is a bit tasteless. Because we usually don't use 5MP sensors to make HDMI cameras, if only 1080P output is provided. For example, for our HDMI-800EN, we offer two options of 1080P and 4K output, because this camera uses a 12MP sensor.

    • Control the auto focus camera using the app for mobile devices or software for PCs/laptops (see specs for version compatibility)
    • Up to 10 users can connect their devices to the same WLAN-enabled camera  
    • Access the all the images in the classroom or laboratory
    • Capture, process, store, and share the camera's images through the easy-to-use software interface
    • Simultaneous live image output via WLAN and HDMI

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