Buehler Metaserv 3000 Polishing Machine

Buehler Metaserv 3000 single plate automatic polishing machine with 200mm platen for the polishing of metallurgical samples. The Buehler polisher for preparation of metallurgical samples is manufactured for robust mineral composite offer low vibration and resistance to corrosion. A high specification grinder polishing machine for preparation of multiple and single samples.

A variety of material types can be prepared for microscopy using metallurgical consumables such as silicon grinding discs and a range of high quality polishing cloths.

Samples are generally ground from a cut surface using course grinding papers of grit sizes P180 in progressive steps to achieve a 1200 grit finished using silicon carbide or wet and dry grinding papers.  Polishing can be carried out using course and fine diamond suspensions normally 6 and 1 micron to offer a goid surface suitable for general microscopy.  Surfaces may be etched in a suitable reagent to show details of the microstructure.

High specification easy to use buehler polishing machine can be offered as part of of package of metallurgical microscopes or sample preparation consumables.

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