Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

The Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD2 combines the advantages of two methods: UСI  (ASTM A1038) and Leeb (ASTM A956), which makes it possible to solve almost any task of operational hardness testing. With this device, the user will be able to measure the hardness of both a large products with a rough surface and a small samples of complex shape and with a thin wall.

This modification of the device has all functions for working with various materials and scales, which makes it an optimal device for non-destructive testing of metal hardness.

    • 2 removable probes: ultrasonic contact impedance  (UCI) and dynamic, rebound (Leeb)
    • There are almost no restrictions for hardness testing (by weight, configuration, structure, degree of mechanical and thermal treatment, etc.)
    • To evaluate changes in the hardness of the hardened layer depth articles and the effect of surface stress
    • Wide range of hardness value
    • Convenience and ease in operation
    • Graphical contrast display with backlight
    • Automatic recognition of probe
    • Extended temperature range (cold-resistant, down to -20 °C)
    • Device has internal memory and allows user to transmit data to PC
  • UCI probe types
    • 1kgf (10N) 2.2 lbf
    • 5kgf (50N) 11lbf
    • 10kgf (98N) 22lbf
    Leeb probe types
    • D
    • DC
    • DL
    • C
    • D+15
    • E
    • G
    • Diamond indenter (UCI)
    • Hardened ball (Leeb)
    Hardness scale
    • UCI probe: HRC, HB, HV, MPa
    • Leeb probe: HRC, HB, HV, HLD, MPa

    Measurement hardness range:


    • Rockwell, HRC
    • Brinell, HB
    • Vickers, HV
    • 20 – 70
    • 90 – 650
    • 230 – 940
    Measuring accuracy
    • HRC: 2HRC
    • HB: 10HB
    • HV: 15HV
    • ASTM A1038
    • ASTM A956
    • ASTM A370
    • ISO 16859
    • ASTM E140
    • ISO 18265
    • DIN 50159
    • GB/T 34205
    Measuring directionAny direction 360°
    • UCI probe – pre-calibrated for steel.
    • Leeb probe – pre-calibrated for steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron.
    • Additional custom scales and materials for calibration.
    Storage of measurement results256
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • Russian
      *additional languages available by request
    Operating temperature range, ° C-20 … +40
    Power supply2pcs AA batteries
    Dimensions, mm120x60x25
    Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more, kg0.2
    Batteries life, not less, h20
    Package gross weight, kg2

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