PA53 Fluorescent Trinocular Biological Microscope

The PA53 BIO upright laboratory microscopes are designed with the experienced expert in mind. In keeping with Motic‘s mission of providing State-Of-The-Art technologies at affordable prices, we are proud to present multiple sophisticated solutions for the research work in hospitals and all life science laboratories. Our PA53 BIO and PA53 BIO FS6 models carry superb optics, ergonomic design and intuitive, automated controls for an efficient workflow, the whole at an unrivalled price/performance ratio. The modularity of the PA53 BIO series allows to create tailor-made solutions for your individual needs. Whether it is about color fidelity and extended visual field for pathology, examination of crystals in urine sediments with Phase Contrast and Polarization in urology or advanced FISH/HER2 analysis of chromosomes with Fluorescence: The PA53 BIO series covers all of your demands
  • Full Power Transmitted Köhler Illumination 

    Our PA53 BIO and PA53 BIO FS6 microscopes come equipped with a Full Köhler illumination, based on a 100W Halogen light source. Intelligent heat-dissipating technology avoids an overheating of microscope and sample. The lifespan of the 100W Halogen bulb thus is prolonged significantly. 


    Comfortable Viewing and Documentation 

    In order to reduce operator eyestrain, our standard PA53 BIO and PA53 BIO FS6 configurations are supplied with adjustable eyepieces, ready to cover a Field of View 23mm or even FOV 25mm. The 30° Siedentopf tube offers 3 beam splitter positions: 100:0, 20:80, and 0:100, ensuring maximum freedom for handling and digital documentation of low-light samples (Fluorescence). 


    Multifunctional Control Knob 

    Having your workflow and ease of use in mind, our PA53 BIO and PA53 BIO FS6 models come with a multifunctional illumination control knob. 


    Environmentally Friendly ECO Function 

    An automatic power-saving mode is engaged whenever an operator leaves temporarily. This automatic shutdown protects your sample from heat, extends the lifetime of the bulb, and saves energy, so reducing operational costs.


    Homogeneous Illumination with IL Function 

    Image quality and thus working efficiency are increased by providing a consistent and even brightness of the illumination with our IL function. Once engaged, the brightness level will be reactivated in case the nosepiece is rotated for the last lens

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