Leica Microscope Objective Lens HC PL APO 10x /0.40


HC PL APO 10x /0.40 ∞/0.17/A

  1. Magnification: The lens provides a magnification of 10x. This means that when used with a microscope, it will magnify the observed specimen by a factor of 10.

  2. Numerical Aperture (NA): The numerical aperture of the lens is 0.40. Numerical aperture is a measure of the lens's ability to gather light and resolve fine details. A higher numerical aperture generally results in better image resolution and brightness.

  3. APO Correction: The lens features apochromatic (APO) correction, which helps minimize chromatic aberrations. Chromatic aberrations can cause color fringing and reduce image quality, but the APO correction in this lens helps to minimize those effects.

  4. Compatibility: The Leica HC PL APO 10x/0.40 lens is designed to be used with Leica microscopes. It's important to ensure compatibility with your specific microscope model before purchasing or using the lens.

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