Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD3

Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD3 combines two methods of measuring hardness by an indirect method: Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (ASTM A1038) and Leeb (ASTM A956). This makes the device the most versatile portable device in the world.

The ability to connect both probes combines the advantages of both methods and providing users the opportunity to use the one that is most suitable for solving a specific task. The Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD3 allows user to measure the hardness of any metals, parts of any shape and thickness, measure the hardness of the surface hardened layers and evaluate the tensile strength.

Innovation! Optionally, the device can be equipped with a Bluetooth module!

  • With NOVOTEST App you are able:

    ā€“ setting and calibration of the hardness tester;

    ā€“ display of measurement results in real time in numerical form with the construction of a graph, histogram or statistics;

    ā€“ take a picture of the test object with the puting of hardness marks;

    creation of a video of the controlled product;

    ā€“ recording audio notes fro the tested object;

    ā€“ automatic saving of measurement geolocation on Google maps;

    ā€“ displaying a Google map with markers of places of measurements made on it and the ability to view these measurements;

    ā€“ displaying the calendar of measurements (presentation of the archive in the form of measurements grouped by date);

    ā€“ formation of the final comprehensive report on the measurement;

    ā€“ sending a finished report to e-mail, messenger (or in any convenient way) directly from the application;

    ā€“ flexible structure of the archive of measurements ā€“ completely similar to the usual explorer, with the ability to create folders and files with any names;

    ā€“ synchronization with PC and other smartphones;

    ā€“ cloud service for storing the archive of measurements;

    ā€“ automatic and manual synchronization of cloud measurement archives between devices;

    ā€“ launching the Google navigation mode, building a route and accompanying to the point at which the measurements were made

    ā€“ the ability to store archives of other devices with Bluetooth in one application.

  • UCI probe types
    • 1kgf (10N) 2.2 lbf
    • 5kgf (50N) 11lbf
    • 10kgf (98N) 22lbf
    Leeb probe types
    • D
    • DC
    • DL
    • C
    • D+15
    • E
    • G
    Measuring range
    • HRC:20~70
    • HB:90~650
    • HV:230~940
    • Tensile strength, MPa: 370~1740
    • User calibrations for any range (for example: HV100-1600)
    Measuring accuracy
    • HRC: 2HRC
    • HB: 10HB
    • HV: 15HV
    • ASTM A1038
    • ASTM A956
    • ASTM A370
    • ISO 16859
    • ASTM E140
    • ISO 18265
    • DIN 50159
    • GB/T 34205
    IndenterUCI probe ā€“ Diamond indenter
    Leeb probe ā€“ Hardened ball
    Measuring directionAny direction 360Ā°
    Data storageLimited only by the memory card up to 32Gb
    CommunicationUpload data to PC and export as a spreadsheet (USB cable and software included )
    Hardness scales
    • UCI probe ā€“ HRC, HB, HV, MPa
    • Leeb probe ā€“ HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HL, MPa
    • Additional custom scales for calibration
    • Ultrasonic (UCI) probe ā€“ pre-calibrated for steel
    • Dynamic (Leeb) pre-calibrated for steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper
    • Additional custom materials for calibration
    Data display
    • Load applied/contact (UCI)
    • Angle (Leeb)
    • Single test result
    • Max, Min, Average of tests
    • Number of tests,
    • Deviation
    • Var. coeff.
    • Histogram, Signal and Smart Modes (Filter of incorrect measurements).
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Polish
    • Russian
      *additional languages available by request
    IndicationColor LCD display (320Ɨ240)
    Operating environment
    • Temperature:-20Ā°C~40Ā°C
    • Humidity: 30%~80%R.H.
    Power supplyDC 4,5V (3 pcs batteries AA)
    Instrument dimensions160x75x30mm
    Net weightApprox. 0.3kg (without probe)
    Gross weight (package)2kg
    Package dimensions, cm33*27*10
    Battery lifeApprox. 10 hours.
    Warranty3 (1+2) years
    Package gross weight, kg1.8-2kg

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