Omegapress 1P - Specimen Mounting Press

Sturdy table top model Pneumatic Hot Mounting Press

Digital Temperature indicator and Digital timer with LCD Display 

Quick Ram return to speed up reloading and automatic cycle system 

Automatic Water Cooling System 

Auto Cooling system- Slow Process, Medium Cooling & Fast Cooling Mechanism 

    • Digital Temperature Indicator and digital timer
    • Stainless steel body Pressure Gauge system
    • Quick Ram return to speed up reloading
    • 1600-Watt mould Heater
    • Dovetail slot for easy changeability of Mould Assemblies
    • Water Cooling System
    • Timer-Buzzer indication for heating and cooling cycles
    • Wide range of sample sizes can be accommodated
    • Dimensions - 490x620x590mm

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