PreciCut 2500

A range of parameters can be set to optimise cutting performance and with a wide range of accessories it is able to handle difficult samples or use the flat bed cutting accessory for the sectioning of carbon fibre panels. Section of difficult shaped samples can be addressed using special clamping options and optimising the cutter parameters. The feature packed machine gives great versatility in cutting various samples from metals to ceramics in a range of hardness and sizes.

  • • A precision section saw designed for cutting
    all types of materials with ease
    • Low-Speed Precision cutter is applicable to accurate cutting of hard materials, especially to high-value fragile artificial crystal
    • Cutting capacity up to 50mm - 4" to 7" Wheel
    • Four kinds of fixtures enables the processed work piece to be sectioned at the optimal angle
    • The Spindle has high accuracy of operation, the horizontal feed position of the processed work piece can slightly be adjusted, and the machine can be power-off automatically after cutting is finished
    • Positioning accuracy 0.01 mm
    • Arbor size-12.7mm
    • Aluminium base and stainless steel construction door.
    • The machine with a limit switch can work without a man
    • Automatic Cut-Off switch
    • Micrometer for cross-feed adjustment (O - 25mm)
    • Easy movable Built-in Re-Circulation stainless steel coolant tray.
    • Transparent Coolant Splash Guard facility
    • 100W DC Motor Single Phase
    • Color touch screen HMI
    • Down-feed facility with variable weights up to 400 gram
    • Continuously Variable speed rpm 60-600 rpm
    • Emergency Stop for safety purpose
    • Electrical: 220 V, 50 Hz ( 1 + N + E)

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