Olympus 10x Objective Mplan


Metallurgical Objective
Olympus Microscope Objective Lens Mplan 10x/0.25,  infinity 25mm thread
Used and in very good condition

  • OLYMPUS 10X Metallurgical Objective MPLan is a type of objective lens commonly used in metallurgical microscopy. It offers several benefits and advantages for materials analysis, including:

    1. High magnification: The 10X magnification provides a high level of detail, allowing for precise analysis of materials.

    2. Clear images: The MPLan lens has a flat field design, which means that the entire image is in focus, even at the edges of the field of view. This provides clear and sharp images, which are essential for accurate analysis.

    3. Increased resolution: The MPLan lens has a numerical aperture of 0.25, which allows for increased resolution and improved image quality.

    4. Wide field of view: The lens has a wide field of view, which makes it easier to view larger samples and get a better understanding of their structure and properties.

    5. Versatility: The OLYMPUS 10X Metallurgical Objective MPLan is suitable for use with a wide range of materials, including metals, ceramics, and polymers.

  • The advantages of using OLYMPUS 10X Metallurgical Objective MPLan for materials analysis include:

    1. Precise analysis: The high magnification and clear images provided by the MPLan lens make it easier to perform precise analysis of materials, including identifying defects, cracks, and other features.

    2. Improved efficiency: The MPLan lens allows for faster and more accurate analysis, reducing the time required for materials testing and analysis.

    3. Greater accuracy: The increased resolution and wide field of view provided by the MPLan lens improve the accuracy of materials analysis, reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies.

    4. Cost-effective: The MPLan lens is a cost-effective solution for materials analysis, providing high-quality images and accurate results at an affordable price.

  • Overall, the OLYMPUS 10X Metallurgical Objective MPLan is a highly versatile and reliable tool for materials analysis, offering a range of benefits and advantages for researchers and analysts in various industries.

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