Digital Surface Profile Gauge SP-1M

Digital Surface Profile Gauge NOVOTEST SP-1M is designed for profile measuring on either flat or curved surfaces. Also it can be used for measurements of surface roughness (Rz), after abrasive blasting pre-painting work.


  • Convenience and ease in operation High measurement accuracy Minimum number of controls: one button – one function Graphical display with backlight Control of batteries
    • Additional probes
    • Batteries
    • Charger
    • Set of reference samples
  • Dimensions of electronic unit, mm120x60x25
    Operating temperature range, ° C-5 … +40 ° C
    Batteries2 AAA
    Time of continuous work hours, not less20
    Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg0.2


    Specification of the DSH probe

    Measurement range 2-360 μm
    Measurement accuracy± (3% ± 2 μm)
    Dimensions, mmØ 12×45




    • Electronic unit NOVOTEST TP-1M
    • Probe DSH – 1 pc
    • Set of reference samples
    • Batteries (AA) – 2 pcs
    • Charger
    • Operating manual
    • Case

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