Electro Etching System


Metallurgical electro-etching system with upto 30 volts output and specialist stainless container 9cm and probe.
Parameters can be control and accurately set and a full range of etching solutions are available for difficult to etch materials.

Dimension 128mm x151mm x295mm Length 295mm Width 128mm Height 151mm Weight 3.2kg Approx.

    • Outputs 0 - 30 volts , 0 - 3 amps
    • Operation using constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross over.
    • Load regulation
    • Line regulation
    • AC Input 100volt, 120 volt, 220 volt, 240 volt.  50/60 Hz

    Supply Voltage 115VAC,230VAC , 

    Output Voltage 0V to 36V 

    Output Current 10A 

    Power Rating 360W 

    Load Regulation Constant voltage mode:-Voltage: ≤5 mv Constant current mode:- Current: ≤3 mA 

    Line Regulation Constant voltage mode Voltage: ≤5 mv Constant current mode Current: ≤3 mA 

    Ripple(20hz-20M) Constant voltage mode Voltage: ≤5mVrms,100mVp-p

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