EMAT Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA is a new innovative product, which will allow users to solve not only the standard tasks of testing the thickness of metal products, but also to carry out tests in cases where traditional methods, such as piezo-ultrasonic, laser-optical, X-ray, mechanical, etc. – not applicable.

Electromagnetic-acoustic (EMA) technology for measuring thickness is based on the excitation of ultrasonic waves in the material by the generator of the device’s probe, and fixing the path time of ultrasonic waves in the material.

  • A significant advantage in comparison with analogues is the unique automatic operation mode of the thickness gauge. The device automatically analyses the measured signals, selects the required measurement method, adjusts the parameters of the receiving path and displays the measured thickness in large numbers on the display. Even an unprepared user in the automatic mode will be able to accurately and quickly measure the thickness of various metal structures and products. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the device implements the B-scan mode, which allows user to get the product profile like a picture that is easy to read. Using a specialized carriage for the probe, it becomes possible to scan extended objects and obtain a thickness profile. In cases when it is necessary to sort the products with clearly defined thicknesses (min., max.), above which a decision is taken on the products is defective, a special control mode of the thickness gauge is used. The operator sets the minimum and maximum gates and watch a graphical representation on the display of the measured thickness, receives an alarm when the measured thickness goes beyond the gate and also can estimate corrosion damage as a percentage of the nominal thickness of the product. For expert testing, it is possible to carry out manual measurements using all known methods – using the autocorrelation function (ACF), measurement between two maximum signals in the gate, echo by zero crossing, echo echo passing through zero. To calibrate the device, there is a special auto calibration mode on a standard thickness sample.
  • Measuring thicknesses range for steel, mm0.5…200.0
    Unit Typemm
    Discretization, mm0,01
    Type of ultrasonic wavetransverse
    Manual gain range, dB100
    Ultrasound velocity adjustment range, m/s1000-9999
    Frequency averaging signal1-128
    Operating modesA-scan
    Control mode
    Calibration mode
    Measurement methodsAutocorrelation function (ACF)
    Echo Echo (Dual Echo)
    Peak peak
    Display3.5 inch 320 * 480
    Menu LanguageRussian, English
    • ASTM E797
    • ISO 16809:2017
    • EN 14127
    • EN15317
    • EN12668-1
    Weight of the electronic unit, not more, kg0.5
    Dimensions (L x W x H)165x90x50mm
    Power SupplyBuilt-in Li-ion Battery
    Time of continuous work, not less than, h8
    Operating temperature range for the electronic unit, ° C-20 to +50
  • ✅ Different type of probes
    ✅ Calibration blocks
    • Electronic unit
    • Probe
    • Cable (2 Lemo 00- 2 Lemo00)
    • USB cable
    • Charger
    • Case

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