Eneska 600 micrometer Portable Grinder / Polisher

Used by Engineers polishing mould tools and dies, Jewellery making industry, deburring precision components and any fine work with rotary tools.
  • The Eneska micromotor 600 sets are very powerful smooth running rotary tools with very low vibration, high torque and variable speed from 1,000 to 50,000 RPM
  • significantly more power
    based on IP 54
    enhanced handpieces
    extremely high true running accuracy
    higher final speed
    highest clamping force in the world
    handpieces & motors universally
    compatible regardless of manufacturer
    PLC suitable
    idle timer
    operator menu in
    eight different languages
    USB slot
    • 1 off ENESKA micro 600 control box 0011201
    • 1 off micromotor  – JEM 40R motor with 40,000rpm incl. motor cable 0100002
    • 1 off Right angle handpiece 90 0100004
    • 1 off reduction gear 0100010
    • 1 off carry case 0012 004


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