Future Tech FM-ARS-F Automatic Micro Hardness Tester

The FM-ARS-F is a fully automatic micro hardness tester equipped with a large array of features to ensure precise and accurate hardness measurement readings. The FM-ARS-F has a variety of measurement patterns and combined with the X-Y stage controls make this a very user-friendly system. This machine is part of a comprehensive range and can be upgraded with a large variety of accessories combined with some very sophisticated data processing software that provides various data output formats and statistical processing.
Delivery, Installation and training will have to be quoted separately.
    • The Future Tech FM-ARS-F micro hardness tester range of hardness testers are based on classical dead weight micro hardness testers with options for load range and user interface. The system can be specified to customer requirements and budgets offers a solution for automatic micro hardness testing for applications such as control of heat treatment.

      The fully automatic FM-ARS-F offers many features for improved testing of materials for quality control or research.

      A series of measurement operations: Continuous Indentation~Focusing~Reading~Data Record :Just by selecting a measurement pattern, all testing will be fully-automatic with high speed.

      Various Measurement Patterns.

      Intelligent Sample Profile Memory Function allows complicated Random measurements or Teaching Measurement along with the edge of specimen - Standard Function

      Various Patterns can meet customers’ requirements : Straight Line / Zigzag / Circle /Arc / Line Set / Random / Matrix / Teaching / etc.

      Capability of Reading unclear Indents on un-mirror surface has been improved by more advanced Data Processing Software

      Case Depth of indicated HV Hardness can be displayed instantaneously on the Chart after continuous Measurements on Carbonized Layer.

      Various Data Output available - Measurement Data, Hardness Distribution Chart, Case Depth, Max. Value, Min.

      Value, Mean Value, Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, OK-NG Criteria, Conversion Data, etc.

      Display and Output Color Profile Picture linked with Hardness Values - Standard Function 

      • Most Advanced System with High-speed Sample Profile Memory Function
      • High-speed, High-accuracy, High-repeatability, Easy-operation, Improved Read Power
      • More Reliable for Large quantities of testing without human error
      • Samples tilted surface tracing function
      • Measured Image Saving Function
      • X-Y Stage Control
      • Various Measurement Patterns
      • Data Processing Software
      • Various Data Output Format and Statistical Processing
    • ItemFuture Tech FM-ARS-F Micro Hardness Tester
      Standard System ComponentAutomatic X-Y Stage & Motor Drive Unit
      CCD Camera
      Complete set of PC: 23” TFT Wide LC Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, and Joy-Stick with Controller
      Standard Software for System ARS 9000
      PC: DELL or IBM Compatible Model with OS Windows 7
      Micro Hardness TesterTypeAnalog Type: Controllable Loading Operation by External PC
      Test Load

      Test load type(A~D) can be selected. (FM-110S/FM-310S series)

      Test load type(A~E) can be selected. (FM-810S series)


      Loading MechanismAutomatic Load/Hold/Release Method
      Focus OperationAutomatic/Manual Operation available *Focusing Steps adjustable
      Auto Stage ElevationAutomatic: by Built-in Stepping Motor / Manual: by Standard Handle & Joy-Stick Operation *Safety Devices equipped for Overrun of Elevation
      Precision ViceStandard: Max. Opening: 50mm
      Turret RotationAutomatic/Manual changeable
      Load Applying Speed60μm/sec
      Dwell Time5‒40sec
      Manual OcularOPTION: Analog Type
      Manual MeasurementBy Video Line on TFT available
      Objective Lensx10 / x50 (Optical Parts for 3rd Lens Built-in)
      Automatic Measurement ScaleVickers Hardness (HV)/Knoop Hardness (HK)
      Manual Measurement ScaleVickers Hardness (HV)/Knoop Hardness (HK) is measurable with the optional analog type ocular.


      X-Y Stage

      Driving MotorStepping Motor
      Drive Control

      By icon: 2 Steps Speed available in X·Y·Z axis

      By Joy-Stick: Flexible Speed Changing in X·Y·Z axis

      Max. Movement50x50mm
      Min. Movement1μm
      Moving Speed1‒25mm/sec adjustable
      Movement Program Pattern

      Straight Line (Vertical & Horizontal)




      Line Set for any Angle (8 Lines and Max. 998 indents on 1 Line/Total 49950 indents are measurable.) Random


      Matrix (Max. 9999 indents in a range are measurable.)

      Specificity of 2 Points

      Specificity of Angle

      Sample Profile Memory Function & Measurement along with Profile Line

      Automatic ReadingPattern SettingStart Position Setting for Straight Line and Position Setting for Random/Teaching Mode shall be performed by Mouse-Click.
      SoftwareOS: Microsoft Windows 7
      Available Hardness Scale Vickers Hardness (HV)/Knoop Hardness (HK)
      Measurement Repeatability±0.8% on Test Block 700HV/500gf
      Auto-Focus TimeShortest 3 sec
      Auto Reading TimeApprox. 0.2 sec/1 indent
      Measurable Min. Indent10μm
      Min. Measurement Unit0.1μm
      Manual MeasurementBy OPTIONAL Ocular or Video Line on TFT
      Available Languages SupportJapanese/English
      Other FeaturesData Output Format and Editing Function

      Hardness Value, Hardness Chart, Case Depth, Insertion of Picture, etc.

      and Flexible Data Editing on "EXCEL"

      PrinterStandard: Color Ink-Jet Type
      Joy StickFor X·Y·Z axis Movement/Standard: Digital Type
      Manual OcularOPTION: Analog Type
      Safety Device

      Safety Devices equipped for Unmanned Operation

      * Turret Rotation stops instantaneously in case Object Lens or Indenter hits a specimen.

      * Upper & Lower Limit Stopper is equipped against Uncontrollable Stage Elevation.

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