Galdabini Quasar 2.5

The Quasar 2.5 single column bench top machine is the smallest type of GALDABINI universal testing machine and is perfect for low force testing (0.02 - 2500 N).

Boasting state of the art design, built to the highest quality levels and has many advanced technical features. This machine is designed with a high resolution for force, stroke and extension (200.000 increments each channel) as well as supporting full load testing speeds from 0.0005 - 1000 mm/minute.

  • The testing machine paired with the control and evaluation software GRAPHWORKS is the ideal combination of tools to perform standard or complex tests on materials from plastic, to rubber, to paper.

    Just like its larger counterparts, the Quasar 2.5 can be equipped with various grips and fixtures, as well as extensometers, additional load cells and many more accessories, for a wide range of low force testing applications.

    Programming tests and monitoring results can be controlled through the powerful and Intelligent Graphwork control software, which allows complete and accurate data management in accordance with European, North American and International Standards. This instrument is suitable to be used both in production lines where the operator has to be fast and efficient and can accurately control the test with the optional remote-control unit and also laboratory environments where the advanced software lets users analyse the test data.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Capacity of frame and max allowed load – 2,500 N (562 lbf)
    • Standards met or exceeded – ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4, EN 10002-2, JIS B7721, GB/T 16825.1, DIN 51221, BS 1610 and other equivalent
    • Load cell reading resolution – Over 3 million division (24 bit A/D converter)
    • Frame stiffness (Average) – 5,000 N/mm
    • Max deformation at full load – 0.5 mm
    • Internal stroke resolution – 0.081 μm
    • Speed at maximum load (during test) – 0.0005 ÷ 1,000 mm/min
    • Accuracy of positioning repeatability – 0.02 mm (20 μm)
    • Accuracy of the set crosshead speed – 0.5% of setting speed
    • Total stroke – 1,000 mm (39.37 in.)
    • 1,000 mm (39.37 in.) – 101 mm (3.98 in.)
    • Testing area width – Unlimited
    • Power Supply – To be chosen: 220V±10% 50/60Hz or 120V±10% 50/60Hz (other on request)
    • Power Rating – 250 W
    • Machine weight (without accessories) – 66 Kg (145 lb)
    • Finishing – Silver RAL 9006 / Black RAL 9011
    • Room temperature – From +5 to +40 °C
    • Air humidity (without condensing) – Max 80%
    • Dimension (HxWxD) – 1,452 mm (57.2 in.) x 595 mm (23.4 in.) x 500 mm (19.7 in.)
    • Size when packed (approx) – 700×800 H1,700 mm
    • Noise level – < 72 db

    Available Load Cell

    • No limit in number of load cells. All load cell can work in compression and tensile and comes with connection.
    • Nominal sizes – 10N 20N 50N 100N 250N 500N 1kN 3kN (Max Load software limited)

    Additional Options

    • Mobile push button panel for machine control
    • Silenced air compressor 0.75 Kw 1,450 rpm 230V 50Hz 1A 98 litres/min
    • Internal piping with solenoid valves to use pneumatic device by keypad – compressed air line required (min 5 bar)
    • Table for machine, PC and printer (width x depth x height mm 1,750 x 750 x 740 600 Kg max) – white RAL 7035 with 6 black supports
    • Table for PC and printer only (width x depth x height mm 900 x 800 x 730) – grey
    • Touch screen (~ 7 inch) colour monitor (to be use as keypad)
    • Calibration certificate class 1 in range 1%-100% of full load
    • Calibration certificate class 0.5 in range 1%-100% of full load
    • Extension of certification class 1 in range 0,2%-1% of full load
    • Touch screen PC all-in-one with support on column
    • USB Web cam(14) – the use of camera for recording test requires the special software module
    • Electronic power supply stabilizer
    • Analogic input channel (strain gauge and LVDT type available) for longitudinal deformation
  • The Quasar 2.5 single column bench top machine is perfect for low force testing (0.02 – 2500 N). Boasting state of the art design, built to the highest quality levels and has many advanced technical features.

    Suitable for testing wires, plastic, elastomers, thin films, textiles, rubber and non metal- material.

  • Brochure to follow

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