Galdabini Quasar 25

The Galdabini Quasar 25 bench top universal Test Machine offers an ergonomic design, with high-level control and intuitive operation. This medium force machine provides enhanced productivity and efficiency for quality control and R&D operations.
Programming tests and monitoring results can be controlled through the powerful and Intelligent Graphwork control software, which allows complete and accurate data management in accordance with European, North American and International Standards. This instrument is suitable to be used both in production lines where the operator has to be fast and efficient and can accurately control the test with the optional remote-control unit and also laboratory environments where the advanced software lets users analyse the test data. 

  • Two-column rigid system with a 25kN maximum capacity system. 
    • Suitable for metals, plastics, composites and other materials 
    • Stylish design and advanced features 
    • Flexible and modular design for easy future expansion 
    • Key technical advantages include extremely high resolution of load and stroke readings, as well as minimum test speed of 0.0005mm/min to a maximum of 500mm/min, for the high performance and most accurate results.

    Castings and forgings are mainly used in the automotive and aeronautical industry, but also in the construction of power stations and lifting equipment

    Casting technology allows the manufacture of the most complex parts at low cost, with an ever-increasing number of light metal castings which are used to reduce weight, especially in the production of motors. Forged components are used to meet severe demands on strength, or extremes of pressure and impact loading, as with crankshafts and connecting rods in motors, generators and electric system turbines.For the determination of tensile strength it is possible to use the whole component or remove samples from specified positions. In the first case high test loads and specific supports and grips are required, while in the other case the final specimens are often of small dimensions. Galdabini supplies special grips to handle small round specimens easily and to allow the use of the automatic extensometers. Also for clamping the whole component many accessories and options are available.

  • This smallest type of GALDABINI universal testing machine typically is used for forces between 0.02 – 2500 N (requires several load cells). After the re-design now also this type uses the same electronic and software as the bigger 2-column-testing machine of QUASAR series.

    Based on the new electronic this machine now supports also tensile tests on material with high elongation (PP Polypropylene, PU Polyurethane, PE Polyethylene, rubber) with high stroke extensometer.

    Until now this machine and software didn’t reached a boarder: All customer requirements we was able to fulfil with this powerful system and complete software: With other words: This equipment meets and exceeds your expectations for tensile tests according ISO527, rubber ASTM D 638, ISO 37, ASTM D 412, DIN 53504 etc.

    All basic and even customized test procedure you may configure by using the integrated test wizard or by our web support assistance. Typical material for to be tested with this machine type are: plastic, textile, yarn, wire, rubber, paper and metal / wire (with small cross-sections).

    • Medium force testing
    • Plastic
    • Rubber
    • Elastomers
    • Composites
  • As well as supplying a comprehensive range of new and refurbished metallography equipment and consumables, Spectrographic also has a specialist team of technicians. We offer diagnosis, servicing, training and generally an option to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment. Our servicing and support can be tailored to your individual needs by arranging a visit when and where is the most convenient to you.

    Such equipment and machinery generally requires a yearly service in order to maximise accuracy, efficiency, quality and also longevity in lifespan. Our servicing encompasses checking of the machines functions, cleaning, adjustment of all mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as the replacement of required wear parts and software updates. Finally, as well as offering tailored service plans, we issue a compliance certificate as well as a full service report for your internal quality records.

    The service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, this service and support gives you, our customers, a go-to and, not only does it instil confidence in the product you have purchased, but also confidence in us as a company. We also enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to understand that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.

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