GeoTrim Petrology Cutting Machine

  • Geo -Trim Saw is a Table Top Cutting Machine Used in areas of application where advanced Thin Section Preparatory method is required Geo Thin works as a platform for samples with water cooling system Two different areas for Cutting and Grinding in the same machine give additional advantage of using a compact system for both processes instead of going for two different machines
  • Cutting up to 500 Microns 
    1/2 HP Motor 
    Cutting capacity up to 60 mm 
    Machine design to accommodate"8",10" Diamond Cut off Blade 
    Diamond cup Grinding wheel design to accommodate 8",10" Blade 
    Wheel Mounting Shaft OD 31.75 mm 
    Emergency stop button 
    Continuously Variable speed system 100-3000rpm 
    Base and Cover corrosion proof Stainless-Steel construction 
    Cutting Action - Y Movement Manual (Longitudinal) 
    Vacuum Chuck 
    A Vacuum chuck with a Vacuum Pump with filter system is provided with the machine to hold different sizes of glass slides. These glass slides are held onto the chucks and moved across for Cutting 
    Safety Features 
    Trim saw series have high safety systems. 
    Door Safety System 
    Emergency Stopper 
    Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz (1 + N + E ), Single Phase 
    Machine Size: 560mm x 650 mm x 410 mm (L x Bx H) 
    Machine Colour: Enclosures GLAZE GREY 615, Base RAL 7021 

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