Indent Pro - Vickers Pedestal microscope upgrade

Microscope upgrade for Vickers Pedestal Hardness Tester. Spectrographic introduced digital, high performance optical microscope with automatic computer based measurements. This system offers conformance of a Vickers pedestal at low loads in accordance with ASTM E19 & ISO6507-2 by improving optical resolution and measurement accuracy. Software available: Manual or Automatic measure.

  • This package is called Indent Pro and can offer automatic image measurement and reporting of hardness results into an easily configured report manager. The Indent Pro system brings the Vickers Pedestal hardness testing into the modern era and offers all the advantages of the pedestal design with improved optical, measurement and reporting performance. The Vickers Pyramid Hardness (VPH) tester has been widely used in various industries for hardness testing purposes for over 50 years. However, changes in hardness testing specifications have rendered many of these testers non-conforming, necessitating expensive replacements. To address this issue, the Indent Pro Vickers hardness measurement system, integrated with a microscope, has been developed by Spectrographic. This system offers significant improvements in accuracy, precision, and compliance with the latest industry standards for low load measurement. The objectives of the modified hardness tester, equipped with an improved microscope and software hardness measurement system, include conformance to industry standards, improved accuracy and precision, ease of use, efficient data management, and cost-effectiveness. The aim is to provide users with a more accurate, efficient, and affordable solution for hardness testing while meeting the latest industry requirements and enhancing data management capabilities.
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