Future Tech LC-200RB Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester

The LC200R Rockwell Hardness Tester offers a digital reading on the control panel as well as conversions to other hardness scales. It also has a very user friendly touch display panel which easily allows the user to access and change setting such as the load, conversion set up, data editing and other important settings.

    • Self Diagnosis Function available.
    • One Touch Selection of Test Load in Kgf or SI Unit available.
    • Various Data Editing & Statistical Function available.
    • Max. 2000 Data Memory Capacity.
    • Various Data Correction available.
    • Detection and Output of [Max. Indentation Depth] possible.
    • One Touch Selection for [Plastics Test Mode] conforming to JIS and ASTM Standard available.
    • 8 Languages available.
    • Entire Test Cycle will be performed Full-Automatically
    • One Tester, All Rockwell Scales, Regular & Superficial, and Light Load Brinell Test instantly available with the touch of a finger.
    • User-friendly One-touch Operation on vivid 8-Colour Touch-Panel for Display and Input all Test Conditions.
    • Ultimate in Flexibility conforming to Various Requirements by ISO, JIS, ASTM, etc.
    • Direct Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback instead of Weight Systems & Direct Linear Displacement Measurement.
  • MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE & METHODDirect Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback/ Direct Linear Displacement Measurement
    STANDARDS CONFORMEDSO 6506-2/ ISO 6508-2/ ASTM E 18/ ASTM E 10/ ASTM E 140/ ASTM D 785 JIS B 7726/ JIS K 7202/ JIS Z 2245/
    DISPLAY & OPERATION PANEL8- Colour LCD Touch Panel Display
    AVAILABLE LANGUAGESJapanese/ English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Korean
    LOADING PRINCIPLE & MEASUREMENT OPERATIONFully-Automatic Load Control Method: Fully-Automatic Measurement Operation; Descent of Load Shaft_Minor Load Application_ Test Load Application- Hold- Release-Hardness Display Ascent of Load Shaft Only Manual Operation: Elevation of Specimen Surface within 0.5-8mm to Indenter
      LOADMINOR LOADN: 29.42 / 9.07
    Kgf: 3 / 10
    TEST LOADN: 147.1 / 294.2 / 441.3 / 588.4 / 980.7 / 1471
    Kgf: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 100 / 150
    FLEXIBLE SPECIAL ROCKWELL LOAD SETTINGAvailable Special Customized Rockwell Type Test by Setting Minor Load/ Test Load Combination between 29.42 N (3kgf) and 1961 N (200kgf)
    MEASUREMENT SPEEDFor Normal Measurement: Approx. 13 s/ 1 cycle
    RESOLUTIONDisplay: 0.01 HR
    PLASTIC MEASUREMENT MODEAvailable Load Control Method Conforming to JIS K7202-2 and ASTM D 785
    HARDNESS CONVERSIONConversion & Display in compliance with ASTM E 140
    OK / NG criteria & limit settingUpper and Lower Limit Setting between 0.01-130 HR and OK/NG Display
    SELF DIAGNOSISDisplay Troubles with Motors and Switches
    HR SCALE DISPLAYC, D, A, G, GW, B, BW, F, FW, K, KW, E, EW, H, HW, P, PW, M, MW, L, LW, V, VW, S, SW, R, RW, 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 15TW, 30T, 30TW, 45T, 45TW, 15W, 15WW, 30W, 30WW, 45W, 45WW, 15X, 15XW, 30X, 45XW, 15Y, 15YW, 30Y, 30YW, 45Y, 45YW
    TEST LOAD DISPLAYDisplay Test Load in kgf and SI simultaneously on SCALE SELECTION Screen
    HR DATA CORRECTIONMax. Five Points each on 3 HR Scales/ Offset on each HR/ HR on Convex Cylindrical Surfaces (In compliance with ASTM E 18 and JIS Z 2245)/ HRC on Convex Round Surfaces (In compliance with JIS Z 2245)
    HR DATA EDITINGData Editing/ Statistic Data(Test Times/ Max./ Min./ Mean/ Range/ Standard Deviation/ Dispersion/ HR DATA EDITING Coefficient of Variation)/ Graph Chart Display/ Histogram Display
    MAX. INDENTATION DEPTHDetection and Output of Max. Indentation Depth
    DATA OUTPUT & COMMUNICATIONS SIGNALRS232C: 2 Channels (For Printer & PC) / OPTION : P.I.O. For External Control
    DATA PRINTOUT MODEa. HR Value/ b. HR Value & Conversion Data/ c. HR Value & Max.Depth of Indentation/ d. HR Value & OK-NG Criteria/ e. HR Value & Statistic Data/ f. HR Value, Mean Value & OK-NG Criteria/ g. Conversion Data/ h. Conversion Data & OK-NG Criteria/ i. Conversion Data & Statistic Data/ j. Conversion Data, Mean Value & OK-NG Criteria/ k. Max.Depth of Indentation
    ILLUMINATION LIGHTWhite LED Spot Illumination
    SPECIMEN FIXING ADAPTERAvailable as Option 2 Types / Large & Small
    WEIGHTApprox. 100kg Including Standard Accessories
    POWER SUPPLYAC100-240v 50/60Hz / Single Phase (Switchable in outside)
  • Conforms to Specifications

    ISO 6508 -2
    SO 6506-2
    ISO 6508-2
    ASTM E18
    ASTM E10
    ASTM E140
    ASTM D785 
    JIS B 7726
    JIS K 7202
    JIS Z 2245

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