Leica Metallurgical Inverted Microscope DMI LM

The Leica DMI LM microscope is an inverted metallurgical microscope with brightfield objectives and a magnification range of 50x to 500x.  This is a very clean microscope and would be suitable for the best routine and more involved microscopy. Utilising the HC system giving maximum image resolution offering performance for image capture and measurement of microstructures.  A camera system and software can be added to offer a host of measurement and image capture solutions.


  • Metallurgical microscope offering super high quality images with an inverted stage. The Leica DMILM has a large XY table capable of supporting large samples. The microscope offers binocular observation and a port for a microscope cameras. This microscope does not have an XY mechanical stage, but a motorised stage can be supplied as extra. Ergonomic Design, Modular system, 21mm field of view, 6 position nosepiece. Fine and coarse focus comes with manual light source and lenses listed below:. NPlan 5x, NPlan 10x, NPlan 20x NPlan 50x 10x eyepieces, 10x/20 Course and fine Focus, XY Stage
    • Ergonomic Design
    • 20 mm Field of View
    • Modular Design
    • 6-Position Nosepiece, Coded
    • Nplan 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
    • 10x /20 Eyepieces

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