Leica DMRB Microscope - Biological (USED)



Fully working order and support from a professional microscope company. Fully refurbished and with 4 new objectives by an ex Leica engineer.
The Leica Leitz DM RB microscope provides high performance microscope imaging by using fluorescence illumination. It also allows bright and darkfield illumination techniques, phase contrasts, and condenser height adjustment.
Objectives are 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x detailed specification below.

  • The Leica DMRB microscope with fully working order and support from a professional microscope company and 4 new objectives offers a range of applications and benefits for various scientific fields, including biology, medicine, and materials science. 

    Some of the key benefits of this microscope include:

    1. High-performance imaging: The Leica DMRB microscope offers high-quality, high-resolution images that can be used for a range of applications, including research, diagnosis, and analysis.

    2. Fluorescence illumination: The microscope's fluorescence illumination allows for the detection of specific molecules or structures within a sample, making it ideal for a range of biological applications, such as immunofluorescence and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).

    3. Bright and darkfield illumination: The microscope's bright and darkfield illumination techniques enable the observation of both transparent and opaque samples, providing greater flexibility for sample observation.

    4. Phase contrast: The microscope's phase contrast capability enhances the visibility of transparent samples, making it ideal for observing live cells or other transparent specimens.

    5. Condenser height adjustment: The ability to adjust the condenser height allows for greater control over the illumination and contrast of the sample, resulting in higher-quality images.

  • Complete Configuration of the Leica DM RB:

    Leica HC FSA 25 PR Trinocular Phototube/ Head with 3 Position Beamsplitter
    Leica L Plan 10x Br. M Eyepieces/Oculars
    Leica  Sextuple (6x) Nosepiece (M25 Threads) equipped with the following Objectives:
    - Leica HCX PL S-APO 5x/0.15 Objective 
    - Leica PL Fluotar 10x/0.30 Objective 
    - Leica PL Fluotar 20x/0.50 Objective
    - Leica PL PLAN 40x/0.65 Objective
    Leica X/Y Mechanical Stage, Right Hand, with Slider Holder and
    Leica S1 Condenser 0.90  and Condenser Base 
    Leica Fluorescence Filter Turret equipped with the following Filter Cubes
    - Leica Filter Cube A  (UV Exication) (P/N 513804)
    - Leica Filter Cube I3 (Blue Exication) (P/N 513808)
    - Leica Filter Cube N2.1 (Green Exication) (P/N 513812)
    Leica Diaphragm Module (P/N 505503)
    Leica Lamphouse  with 12V 100W Halogen Illumination

    Final Specification to be confirmed

  • Overall, the Leica DMRB microscope with fully working order and support from a professional microscope company and 4 new objectives is a powerful tool for researchers and scientists in a range of fields, offering high-quality imaging and a range of illumination and contrast techniques for a variety of sample types.

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