Macro Measurement Microscope

The weld analysis microscope has a high-resolution, wide field of view and high zoom optical system. Digital cameras with c-mount can be used on the microscope for image capture and analysis. LED and halogen cold light source, coaxial illumination attachments, LED ring light, Metallurgical objectives, coarse and fine focus stand, abundant eyepieces tubes and objectives are optional. 

  • Eye Piece: 0.5x Objective: 1x Standard Magnification: 20x – 135x 0.7x – 4.5x zoom magnification (zoom ratio: 1:6.6) Field of view: 0.3mm ~ 77mm Working distance: 10mm – 333mm, 1x objective: 96mm Monocular microscope: 39mm, length: 200mm Stand: 260mm x 270mm x 280mm

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