MetCut 330 Linear Abrasive Cutting Machine - Benchtop

The system is available in manual and automatic options, these machine offer good capacity and very competitive price for a high quality machine. The MetCut 330 uses a 300mm cutting wheel to cut 80mm x 200mm sections.  The MetCut 330 large capacity metallurgical abrasive cutting machine, offering metallurgical sectioning¬†with chopping action and manual linear feed for the sectioning of samples upto 80mm diameter and 200mm length with a 300mm cutting wheel. The system is complete with twin vices for sample fixturing and coolant recirculation system to ensure a cool and burn free cut. The MetCut range of abrasive cutting machines are used for metallurgical high quality cutting of quality inspection samples for automotive and aerospace applications for the inspection of advanced coatings and weld samples. MetCut machines are available with 250mm cutting wheels upto 500 mm cutting wheels with specials available to suit all possible applications. Manual and Automatic

    • Sturdy floor model cutter for metallographic sectioning
    • Metals, Ceramic and Mineral samples
    • Cutting capacity up to 80 mm for standard steels (may not be applicable to all the materials)
    • Corrosion Resistant Cutting Chamber for a long product lifetime
    • Ergonomic Cutting Handle
    • Easy Flow Cutting Chamber
    • Splash proof, Corrosion Resistant see through hood
    • Four high flow coolant jets to provide optimum cooling
    • One large 65 mm Coolant drain
    • Inbuilt movable re-circulation coolant tank with (100L capacity)
    • 1/3 HP Coolant re-circulation Pump
    • Opening in the side wall for sectioning extra-long samples
    • Fluorescent light in the working area for clear illumination
    • Start Button with Key for Safety
    • Cam vise set
    • Y Movement (Longitudinal sectioning)
    • Simple Control Panel
    • Spindle speed - 2800 rpm
    • Cutting capacity - 80mm dia. (approx)
    • Motor - 5HP (3.7kw), 3 Phase
    • Cut-off wheel size - 12" (300 mm)
    • T Slot Bed: 260mm x 260 mm with 10mm T-Slot
    • Voltage - 415V/50 Hz (R+Y+B+N+E)
    • Machine Size: 1100mm x 1300mm x 1640mm (LxDxH)
    • Stand Size: 1060mm x 900mm x 850 mm

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