MetPrep 20 DVT Polishing machine 200mm

The 20 DVT manufactured by Imptech has a twin base and automated polishing head for the polishing of 40mm with a capacity upto 3.  Parameter of load, time and speed can be set to allow consistent sample preparation.
The system offers metallurgical sample preparation for optical microscopy and can be seen working at the Spectrographic demonstration centre.

  • The combination of the twin variable speed base and polishing head is an ideal package for preparing metallurgical samples for metallurgical analysis.  The system requires compressed air 240 volts and water supply. A suitable drain will be required to prevent spillage when using the machine.

    A combination of pressure and speed control can be adjusted and applied to ensure sample preparation is optimised for process control and research application. 

    • Platen Size - 200mm
    • Sample holder Size - 3 x 40mm
    • Power head Speed (RPM) - 150
    • Platen Speed (RPM) - 150 + 300
    • Sample pressure range (N) - 5-50 inc pressure reduction option
    • Platen Rotation - Anti-Clockwise
    • Head Rotation - Anti-clockwise
    • Machine Function - Auto
    • Water function - Auto
    • Water connection size - 3/4"
    • Drain connection 
    • Air connection 
    • Max Air pressure - 6.5 Bar
    • Power - 240 volt 50 Hz
    • Dimensions -
    • Weight - 45KG

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