Nickel Alloys Preparation Route

Nickel based super alloys contain up to 20% Chromium and up to 5% Aluminium and small amounts of other alloying elements apart from some systems with a significant addition of Cobalt (upto 18%).  Nickel super alloys are designed for use in high temperatures such at Gas Turbine Engines.

Nickel Super alloys can be quenched and aged to form intermetallic precipitates, offering excellent resistance to creep mainly due to gamma prime precipitate for use at temperatures above 1000 degrees C offering excellent oxidation resistance.

  • Sample preparation of Nickel offers no real issues when following the recommended process. The use of silicon carbide is recommended for grinding and should be used in a sharp condition so not used beyond the critical life of the abrasive. Rubbing of the surface can cause structural changes so the use of blunt abrasives and high pressure should be avoided.

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