Nikon Epiphot Metallurgical Microscope

£2,740 £2,884

This is a fine example of a metallurgical microscope and is in excellent condition. With a pair of Nikon CFWN 10x/20 eyepieces which can be individually focused to suit the operator. The objectives are all Nikon and are a x5 M Plan, a x10 M Plan and a Long Working Distance x20 M. The x5 has an extension adaptor to make it somewhere near parfocal with the others. All of the optical parts are clean and free from blemishes and they all give excellent images. The stage can be left or right hand drive, but when in its present position, the controls get in the way of the horizontal (side) camera port. The top camera port has a C-mount adapter for using a video camera. A suitable camera isn't supplied, but could be added if required at an extra cost.

Full range of Nikon CF metallurgical objectives are available. Nikon CF Plan 5x objective, Nikon CF Plan 10x objective, Nikon CF Plan 20x objective,Nikon CF Plan 50x objective


Comes with a Nikon power supply for the illuminator 

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