Nikon SMZ800 Microscope

Expanding the magnification range to 10 to 63x, Nikon's  stereo microscope boasts its ease of use and high-definition observation in forensic materials investigations. A combination of features deliver clearer, crisper images

  • Stereo microscope in very good condition and can be specified with optional illuminators and digital cameras for image capture.  

    In this configuration:

    • SMZ800 Zooming Body
    • Trinocular Tube for digital imaging camera
    • C-W 10XB Eyepiece (F.O.V. 22mm) with Dioptre Adjuster, Rubber Eye-Shields, Reticle Holder
    •  Plain Stand
    •  Focus Mount
    • Objective lens PLAN 1X (W.D. 78 mm)​

    Wide Zoom Range

    The SMZ800N comes with a 1 – 8x zooming range, with higher magnification than conventional models and enables high-resolution observation.

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