NOVOTEST T-U3 UCI Hardness Tester

The Novotest  T-U3 UCI Hardness Tester has technical specifications meeting the demands of the testing engineer for high performance hardness testing. Built-in camera allows pictures to be taken of the tested object and mark the tested area with corresponding hardness value.

Sealed housing with rubber protective strips - Hardness testers are ideal for use in workshop and field conditions with high humidity, dust, etc. The hardness tester has a frost-resistant display that allows users to use the device in all weathers.

    • Small imprint after measuring (mirror surfaces of shafts necks, blades, gear teeth, etc.)
    • Wide range of hardness
    • New, intuitive menu with tips on the buttons
    • Water resistant case and rubber protected bumper
    • Large full colour graphic display with bright backlighting
    • Calibrations stored in memory of probe
    • Internal memory and communication with PC
    • Various measurement modes
    • Optional wireless mini printer
    • Optimized number of buttons
    • Data Storage - Limited only by the memory card
    • Communication - Upload data to PC and export as a spreadsheet (USB cable and software included )
    • Hardness Scale - HRC, HB, HV, HRB, HS, HL, MPa
    • Materials - Ultrasonic (UCI) probe - pre-calibrated for steel. - Additional custom materials for calibration.
    • Data display - Load applied/contact (UCI), Single test result, Max, Min, Average of tests, Number of tests, Deviation, Var. coeff, Histogram, Signal and Smart Mode (Filter of incorrect measurements).
    • Indication - Color LCD display (320x240)
    • Operating Environment Temperature - -20°C~40°C; Humidity: 30%~80%R.H.
    • Power Supply - DC 4,5V (3 pc batteries AA)
    • Instrument Dimensions - 160x75x30mm
    • Net Weight - Approx 0.3kg (Without probe)

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