Olympus GX41 Inverted Microscope

The GX41 is an inverted microscope that features an LED light source for ultra-long life and very low power consumption. It is designed for the observation and inspection of of metal components. With the incorporation of a MIX observation unit the GX41 microscope can obtain surface structure images with greater clarity.
The upgraded version of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software uses image synthesis to provide clear images with minimal halation, even from highly reflective samples. An available function for saving observation conditions improves user productivity and facilitates inspections by recording settings such as brightness and observation technique.

    • Compact design
    • Clear, bright observation at all magnification levels
    • Easy observation while standing or sitting
    • Easy system expansion according to user needs
    • Fast image recording
    • Optical system - UIS2
    • Observation Method - Reflected light brightfield observation, reflected light simple polarizing observation
    • Focus
      • Vertical revolving nosepiece movement (fixed stage), coarse and fine handles (with torque adjustment), roller guide movement.
      • Stroke (from 1 mm above focusing position from stage surface) Upward: 7mm, Downward: 2mm
      • Stroke per coarse handle rotation: 36.8 mm, Stroke per fine handle rotation: 0.2mm
    • Revolving nose piece - Quadruple revolving nose piece
    • Plane stage - Size: 160 (W) x 250 (D) mm, stage insert plate type
    • Mechanical stage
      • Stroke: 120 mm (X) x 78 (Y) mm
      • Coaxial handle: attachable to right/left side of plane stage
      • Use special stage plate CK40M-CP to observe samples up to ø50mm
    • Illuminator - Built-in aperture diaphragm (Lever operation type). Various ø25mm filters can be inserted
    • Light Source 
      • 6V30WHAL-L: long-life halogen lamp
      • 6V30WHAL: High intensity halogen lamp
      • Rated power output: 6 V~30 VA 
      • Rated input voltage, current and frequency: 100-120 V/220-240 V~0.85/0.45 A, 50/60 Hz
    • Electrical components - Continuous light intensity volume adjustment, built-in voltage exchange switch
    • Power consumption - Maximum power consumption: 85 VA 40 W
    • Dimensions - 236x624x407mm
    • Weight - 10Kg

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