Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20


Plan apochromatic design with  RMS thread.The LWD M20 features a plan apochromatic design that corrects for chromatic aberration across the visible spectrum, resulting in images with true-to-life colors and minimal color fringing.
High-performance coatings: The lens surfaces are coated with advanced anti-reflection coatings that minimize light loss and improve image contrast.
High-quality glass: The lens elements are made of high-quality optical glass that is precision-ground and polished to exacting standards, ensuring exceptional image quality.

  • Spectrographic are an international sales company based in the UK and offering equipment and consumables for material science applications. We currently have a range of demonstration and used Olympus microscope lenses offering excellent value for money. Our lens are inspected prior to sale and fully tested prior to dispatch to ensure the quality of the objective fits the price. Please contact us or through our website to discuss any objectives or product listed and we will be pleased to help. The Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20 is a specialized optical component used in microscopy applications. Here are some details on its application, benefits, advantages, optical performance, and dimensions that you can include in your website content: Application: The Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20 is specifically designed for low-magnification microscopy applications. It is particularly useful for studying specimens that are thick or have uneven surfaces, such as tissue cultures, plant samples, or semiconductor wafers. Benefits and Advantages: The LWD (Long Working Distance) feature of this objective lens allows it to be used at a greater distance from the specimen, making it easier to observe and manipulate the sample. It also reduces the risk of accidental contact between the lens and the sample, which can cause damage or contamination. Another advantage of the LWD M 20 is its high numerical aperture (NA), which allows it to capture more light and produce sharper, clearer images. The lens is also designed to minimize chromatic aberration, distortion, and other optical artifacts that can affect image quality. Optical Performance: The Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20 has a magnification of 20x and a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.40. It produces images with a flat field and high contrast, making it ideal for observing thick specimens with uneven surfaces. The lens also has a working distance of 8.0 mm, which is relatively long for a 20x objective. Dimensions: The Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20 has a standard RMS (Royal Microscopical Society) thread and a diameter of 20.2 mm. Its total length is 47.0 mm, and its weight is approximately 60 grams. In summary, the Microscope Objective Lens LWD M 20 is a high-quality optical component designed for low-magnification microscopy applications. Its LWD feature, high NA, and optimized optical design make it a valuable tool for studying thick, uneven specimens with high contrast and clarity. Its standard dimensions also make it compatible with a wide range of microscopes and imaging systems.

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