OmegaPol 200

The OmegaPol 200 is a manual single plate metallurgical preparation system. The variable speed plate can operate from 50 to 600 RPM and is controlled by the touch pad which also offers timer and reverse direction.

The Omegapol 200 is part of the family of manual single and twin plate machines offering sizes from 200mm to 300mm.

“I like the variable speed control and was pleasantly surprised by the direction control (for the first time I realised that direction of rotation matters depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed).” - Archaeology Professional


    • Speed plate operating from 50 to 600 RPM
    • Rigid table top corrosion proof FRP cabinet
    • 8 in. disc polisher (10 in. and 12 in. disc optional)
    • 0.5 h.p. AC motor
    • Corrosion resistant wash bowl
    • Free flow drain system
    • Flexible water jet with control valve
    • Aluminium disc 8" diameter (Interchangeable)
    • S.S holding ring (press type)
    • Holding band
    • Power supply : 230 V / 50Hz ( 1 + N + E )
    • Motor - 1HP (Variable Speed)
    • Platen Supports - Quick Release system for changing platens
    • Diameter of Platens - 200mm (8") 
    • Water inlet 8mm push fit and outlet 32mm drainpipe
    • Flexible tap with flexible hose to direct water to any part of platen
    • Rotation in clockwise and anti clockwise rotation 0-500rpm
    • Dimensions - 455x765x385mm 
    • Weight - 40Kg 

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