Presi EVO 450

Cutting machine EVO 450 Equipped with the latest technologies EVO 450 can accept work pieces up to 200kg in weight and up to 250mm in height on its 600mm x 600mm cutting table. Perfect for cutting very large pieces, EVO 450 has the benefit of a very powerful cutting motor coupled with feed rate sensors and exceptional control software to ensure optimal operation. Designed with even the smallest details in mind, the operator will benefit from a number of ease-of-use ergonomic features such as: motorised hood lift, automated wash down cycle for cleaning and easy access of large parts to the cutting table. 450MM cutting wheel

    • Colour touch screen interface
    • Password protection can be implemented on the machine
    • Up to 100 password-protected programs
    • LED internal lighting
    • Integrated spray nozzle for cleaning
    • Optional external 300L re-circulation tank
    • Interlock switch keeps hood locked during cutting

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