Refurbished Presi Mecatome T210

The Mecatome T210 provides rapid cutting for medium sized samples along with the possibility of multiple serial sections with the optional X axis drive.
Cutting of even the most difficult samples and materials is made simple and consistent with the powerful motor on this cutting machine.
The internal cooling and lubrication system can be used while cutting samples, or an external re-circulation system can be used with the machine.

Pictures for illustration purpose only 

    • LCD touchscreen display
    • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface
    • LED internal lighting
    • Integrated spray nozzle for cleaning
    • Interlock switch keeps hood locked during cutting
    • Rotation speed - 300-6000RPM
    • Cut off wheel size - 75-203mm
    • Power Supply - 220V, Single Phase, 60Hz
    • Motor Power - 1.5Kw
    • Dimensions - 758x505x955mm
    • Weight - 90Kg

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