PRESI Mecatome T255/300 Abrasive Cutting Machine

PRESI Mecatome T250/300 metallurgical abrasive chop saw cutter.
250mm and 300mm abrasive cutting machine
Twin Vices
Recirculation tank
Single phase electric 220 to 240 volts


    • Cut-off wheel diameter 300 mm
    • Flange Dia 25.5mm/1 inch
    • Manual cutting movement
    • Wheel rotation speed 2200 rpm
    • Grooved cutting table 400 x 320 mm
    • Distance between clamp and table : 60mm
    • High accessibility to the cutting table
    • Spray nozzle for cleaning
    • Compliant with EEC standards
    • Power Lead 240 volts mains 9 amp/220 Kw

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