Presi Mecatome T330

The Mecatome T330 is a manual, high capacity cutting machine that has been designed to accomodate larger samples. It has a large, open cutting chamber along with side ports in the hood which allow extended samples to be cut.
This machine is also equipped with a system that blocks the cut off wheel. This makes changing the wheel very easy and efficient.

    • Colour touch screen interface
    • Password protection can be implemented on the machine
    • LED internal lighting
    • Integrated spray nozzle for cleaning
    • Optional external 60L re-circulation tank
    • Interlock switch keeps hood locked during cutting
    • Motor power output: 3.8 kW
    • Power supply: 380 V tri-phase 50 Hz
    • Rotation speed: 1000 to 6,000 rpm
    • Gradual acceleration of the cut-off wheel & immediate stop of the cut-off
    • Cut-off wheel: from Ø 250 mm to 300 mm
    • Cut-off wheel travel (Z axis) 150 mm
    • Inside lighting: 20 W
    • Width: 830 mm
    • Depth: 940 mm (open cover)
    • Height: 900 mm (open cover)
    • Weight: 190 kg
    • Base cabinet for machine
    • Transversal motorized table (X) with a stainless steel pallet table compatible with any vice on the market (travel 250 mm)
    • Laser guided
  • The MECATOME T330 is a manual, an automatic and semi-automatic cut-off machine allowing for metallographic quality cutting of the various materials in the industry. The touch-sensitive screen allows you to program cutting parameters, read table movements in real time, legibility and ease of use.  


    MECATOME T330 comes with a 3.8 kW motor which gives it a wide amplitude of cutting speeds allowing it to adapt to all types of materials (from 300 to 6,000 rpm).  


    The Y and X tables (optional) can be controlled directly with the joystick. They are driven by step-by-step motors which provide them with incomparable precision (1/100 mm).  


    Overall guidance for the machine is provided by a touch-sensitive screen and a highly-sensitive single-direction joystick. The grooved table is compatible with all clamping systems in the market. MECATOME T330 can receive a lubrication system via a pump and external or built-in tray.  


    The high precision of the MECATOME T 330 comes along with an oversize mechanics: spindles, bearings, guiding system, motor…  


    MECATOME T330 can be programmed and can memorise over 100 cutting processes, and is password protected. 

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