Presi Minitech 250/300 DP1

The Minitech DP1 series are a group of dual station polishers equipped with platens from 200-250mm or 250-300mm depending on the variant.
These extremely reliable machines provide a great polishing experience as well as being very user friendly and robust.
Each model has removable bowls that are easy to clean and maintain as well as a multi-jet ramp with flow control. This cools the platens evenly and also reduces water consumption.

    • LCD touchscreen display
    • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface
    • Emergency stop button
    • Two platens
    • One Motor
    • Two watering ramps
    • Two removable bowls
  • Specifications 250 300
    Water Inlet 12mm 12mm
    Water Outlet 32mm 32mm
    Platen Diameters 200-250mm 250-300mm
    Rotation Speed 20-700RPM 20-700RPM
    Power Supply 230v 230v
    Motor Power 750W 1500W
    Dimensions 920x735x330mm 1100x810x330mm
    Weight 50Kg 60Kg

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