Presi Poly’Vacc for Epoxy cold mounting of metallurgical samples

The Poly’Vacc is a vacuum mounting and impregnation system for optimal degassing and sample impregnation with casting resins.  It provides for improved resin impregnation of porous materials and for improved removal of trapped air bubbles in the resin mount. This device is programmable and controlled through a touch screen with options for setting cycle time and various levels of vacuum. It also includes a resin dispenser.

  • Vacuum impregnation is used for cold mounting of samples in epoxy cold mounting resin. By removing all the air from the sample under vacuum, all gas can be extracted. The empty holes inside the sample will be filled by resin improving the quality of the mount and reduce the edge gap between the resin and the sample. The device is efficient and convenient to use.
    • Colour touch screen interface
    • Precise and programmable
    • Compact
    • Includes 50 protection sheets, 50 pipes and 50 plastic nozzle
    • Vacuum Level - Up to 90 Kpa
    • Power Supply - 220V Monophase 50/60Hz
    • Dimensions - 340x340x250mm
    • Weight - 10Kg

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